A WONDERFUL LIFE at The Goodspeed Opera House

"Mr. Lafoon is outstanding: an easy, clean and communicative vocalist of lovely sound, an everyman who gives charisma and depth to goodness. With each sideways cock of the head, he’s a likably involved and involving listener, and he gives genuine bite to “Precious Little,” George’s sung declaration of misery."


NEXT TO NORMAL at Virginia Reperatory Theatre

"As Diana’s devoted, broken husband Dan, Duke Lafoon is a standout. He brings so much unspoken faith and exhaustion and hurt to every one of his scenes; his character ends the play as the most fully realized and most shattering."


"Lafoon is riveting in the role and his "I Am the One" reprise at the show's end is a heartbreaking highlight."


A WONDERFUL LIFE at Theatre Virginia and The Westchester Broadway

"...a captivating stage presence and singer, Lafoon proves himself a surperb actor as well." "Lafoon hits all of Bailey's emotional bases with ease. His anguish is real. So is his love. This is a wipe-away-those-tears performance to treasure."


"Holding the fable together is the softly shaded, sympathetic performance of Duke Lafoon." 


"...very real and compelling." "You feel his pain, identify with him and feel his joy throughout. Everyman will see George Bailey within himself."

Whiteplains CitizeNetReporter

"Lafoon easily steps out from under any shadow Jimmy Stewart may cast. His George Bailey is familiar - eagar, honest, affable with occasional flashes of temper - but also wholly original."


"...an actor of considerable skill and a singer who's voice is perfectly honed for the stage."


"...communicates the angst of his character with ease, grace and tragedy."

 The Richmond State

"Lafoon gives a thoroughly touching performance."

DOUBT  at West Virginia Public and Barksdale Theatre

"...more than holds his own onstage." "capable of amazing presence and exudes a chrisma and strength of character that immediately grabs the audience and holds it through the last word."


"Lafoon and Ziegler must dance on a razors edge of morality, in fact they virturally leap and pirouette in their verbal warfare."


"Lafoon is exceptional as Flynn!"


THE AUDIENCE with Transport Group

"Dee Hoty is deftly supported by Duke Lafoon"


MONICA! The Musical at the Upright Citizens Brigade

"Duke Lafoon does such a marvelous Bill Clinton, one suspects he studied old footage for hours.”  


"...the Arkansas twang he affects is pitch perfect" "always seems goofily right."



"The other three roles require solid all-around musical comedy assets. That's no problem for Duke Lafoon."


"Duke Lafoon held the audience spellbound."


“Working with Duke was one of the smoothest experiences I ever had with an actor....he understood what every line meant and why it was there. He was doing work with a lot of psychological and emotional depth.”William Westbrooks -director/author of Dramatic Circumstances

* Awarded Best Actor for the role of George Bailey in A Wonderful Life by The Richmond Times Dispatch

* Awarded Best Actor for the role Dan in Next to Normal by The Richmond Theatre Critics Circle